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GEA-NZ Reference Taxonomies

The 4 core GEA-NZ reference taxonomies provide useful lists of the "what" for Government Enterprise Architecture.  The Reference Taxonomies are used to:

  • Provide common language to;
    • Promote service, information, system and technology interoperability.
    • Reduce complexity by abstracting, organising and simplifying complex information sets.
    • Improve overall consistency and cohesiveness of cross government services, shared services and common capabilities.
    • Deliver consistent and aligned views of commonly required operational and technological services. 
  • Improve the efficacy, utility and cost effectiveness across government;
    • Drive ICT efficiencies and transformation programmes through identification of opportunities for development or and reuse of common solutions.
    • Support the development and delivery of coherent AoG Common Capabilities portfolio.
    • Support the AoG Data Governance initiatives.

The current GEA-NZ v3.2 Taxonomies were approved by the Government Enterprise Architecture Group (GEAG) on the 25th of May 2017.  Changes to the taxonomies since then are approved and updated monthly as and when required. Suggestions for new elements or changes to the taxonomies can be made to GEA@dia.govt.nz

The GEA-NZ Reference Models provide the "Why" and "How" for the GEA-NZ Reference Taxonomies.

Link to the reference taxonomies in Excel:

Links to the reference taxonomies PDF documents:

Links to the reference taxonomies diagrams as PDF presentations:

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