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Government ICT Ministerial Group


The purpose of the Government ICT Ministerial Group is to focus on longer-term issues and emerging problems and themes in government ICT.

The Government ICT Ministerial Group will:

  • provide input to the strategic direction for government's use of information and technology with a particular focus on the development and implementation of the four year Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017;
  • provide guidance on government IT investment priorities and the government IT investment portfolio;
  • consider systemic issues, risks and weaknesses around major ICT projects and IT operations; and
  • consider systemic issues, risks and weaknesses around information management, including information security and privacy.

As an expert sub-committee of Cabinet, ministers will provide Cabinet with informed advice on ICT innovation and expenditure across government.


  • Minister of Finance (Chair)
  • Minister for Economic Development
  • Minister of State Services
  • Minister for Communications and Information Technology
  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Minister of Revenue

Meetings are held monthly and include senior government officials from the Department of Internal Affairs, including the GCDO and GCTO, and from Central Agencies.

Secretariat: anne.shaw@dia.govt.nz 

Page last updated: 14/09/2018