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What agencies can expect from us

No surprises

We will be open and honest in our communications. If we provide advice to Ministers or other parties about your business, we’ll share it with you in advance.  If we seek to mandate a particular service, we will consult before taking this step.


We will be clear about requirements and timeframes, and explicit about the capacity in which we are dealing with you.

No wrong doors

The teams that support the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) all appreciate their role in the overall Digital Functional Leadership mandate.  We will integrate across the relevant areas, wherever you make contact.

A Corporate Centre perspective

We will bring a system level perspective and, where we have the lead on an activity, we will coordinate views across the Corporate Centre.


All teams in The Department of Internal Affairs will provide consistent advice.

Two-way communication

We will listen as well as advise, and strive to understand the context in which you are working.

Value focus

We will focus on the benefits of our engagement for you and for the system rather than on compliance.

Page last updated: 13/09/2018