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What we expect of agencies

Early engagement

Our engagement will be much more effective if we are involved while approaches are being shaped.

Think beyond the technology

Our Digital Functional Leadership role covers information management, technical infrastructure, and digital-enabled business processes. Remember to engage with us on all of these.

Time to respond

To provide a considered, complete and authoritative response requires time. In general we require 10 days to review and comment on a business case, Cabinet paper, or similar substantial document.

For all investment proposals, we seek clear answers to the following five key questions. To help us respond rapidly, please explicitly address them.

  • Are you consuming any ICT Common Capabilities? If not, why not?
  • What are you doing that is common to others? Can this create a new ICT Common Capability?
  • How is the information involved classified? How have security and privacy been designed into the initiative?
  • What does this process look like to the citizen? Does your approach reflect this view?
  • How can Ministers be confident this initiative will deliver its anticipated benefits?
  • What is your Assurance Plan?
Page last updated: 13/09/2018