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Relationship Management

Relationship Management provides a contact point for all agency queries about the GCDO and related All of Government initiatives.

The team invites approaches from government agencies to meet individually and to address sector forums.  We have a wealth of information and knowledge to help government agencies navigate ICT functional leadership and what it means for them.  We can also help you get in touch with a range of other DIA staff members who support the GCDO, such as:

  • Product Managers
  • Strategy Planning and Investment Advisors
  • Commercial Managers
  • ICT Assurance Advisors

We can also help put you in touch with like-minded people and organisations across the public sector to help government agencies to collaborate.

Contact: gcdo@dia.govt.nz

Key contacts

Ken Spagnolo
Acting Director, Relationship Management
Email: ken.spagnolo@dia.govt.nz

Russell Browning
Relationship Manager
Email: russell.browning@dia.govt.nz

Norman Isaacs
Relationship Manager
Email: norman.isaacs@dia.govt.nz 

Abbie Ell
Relationship Manager
Email: abbie.ell@dia.govt.nz 




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