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Accelerate downloads


Accelerate documents

Tools and templates

Accelerate documents

Accelerate quick start guide

This guide is designed to get project managers and sponsors (senior responsible officers) up and running as quickly as possible, and describes one possible path through the Prepare phase.

Accelerate audios (System support)

Accelerate framework

Accelerate glossary

Tools and templates

Accelerate tools - all phases

Prepare templates

The  templates used during Prepare, listed under the stages they apply to.

Unpack the problem

Align with strategic priorities

Determine the benefits

Identify who is responsible

Outline the strategic response

Present the case

Preparing for Discover

Discover templates

The templates used during Discover, listed under the stages they apply to.

Explore the business ecosystem

Elaborate the customer view

No templates

Elaborate the product

Engage the coalition of the willing

Elaborate the solution architecture

Elaborate the business case

Gain project approval

Prepare for Alpha

No templates

Alpha templates

The  templates used during Alpha, listed under the stages they apply to.

Preparing to sprint (sprint zero)

No templates

Product grooming

No templates


No templates

Business change management

Beta templates

The  templates used during Beta, listed under the stages they apply to.

Release planning

No templates

Releasing the product

No templates

Tracking release progress

No templates

Live templates

Customer acquisition

No templates

Benefits realisation

Enhancing the product platform

No templates


No templates

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