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Phase 2: Discover

Introduction to Discover

This section "Phase 2: Discover" is part of the Accelerate framework document, available as Word or PDF on the Accelerate downloads page.

The stages in Discover are:

The Discover stages are inter-related, and may be carried out in parallel with different people leading each stage.

Important: Teams producing output must have common members and there must be no independent workstreams or individuals.


The purpose of the Discover phase is to:

  • get a clear understanding of the design and how the project will progress if funding is approved
  • expand and present the business case
  • begin preparations for Alpha.

The purpose is achieved by:

  • understanding the business ecosystem, customers’ situation, and the business operating model
  • creating the product vision and product roadmap
  • building a supporting coalition
  • designing a proposed solution
  • carrying out the assurance processes tailored appropriately for Accelerate and agreed with the sponsor, following the all-of-government assurance guidelines provided on ICT projects and programmes available at www.ict.govt.nz (search for “project assurance”).
  • creating a business case.

Roles for Discover

Discover involves a small number of people (typically 4-9) forming a formal team for 8-12 weeks, to validate and elaborate the initial view developed during Prepare (see the Figure below). Given the need to communicate with multiple stakeholders the shortest practicable period is 4 weeks.

Discover expands the Prepare team with:

  • representatives from participating organisations
  • a business case writer
  • additional design and specialist technical resources (if necessary)
  • resources for technical and business prototypes (if necessary).

Other roles that support this team include:

  • navigators
  • benefits owner
  • primary assurance contact
  • EPMO (via the primary assurance contact).



Figure: Possible roles during Discover

The combination and number of each role depends on the nature of the product. Contact your Accelerate navigator to discuss your team requirements for Discover.

Page last updated: 13/04/2016