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Phase 5: Live

Introduction to Live

This section "Phase 5: Live" is part of the Accelerate framework document, available as Word or PDF on the Accelerate downloads page.

The stages in Live are:

About Live

Often the product increment(s) from Alpha or Beta will be deployed to a restricted audience, on a restricted platform.

During Live the benefits are grown by:

  • acquiring new customers for the product
  • starting the benefits realisation actions (benefits owner)
  • developing the platform to meet customer volumes and availability demands.


The purpose of Live is to:

  • promote adoption by customers, including developing and implementing communication processes
  • start benefits realisation activities (benefits owner)
  • monitor demand growth
  • increase the capacity to meet the demand (within the available budget).

Responsibilities for Live

Responsibilities during Live may belong with the project, or with supporting teams.

Responsibilities of the project

Actions that are project responsibilities include:

  1. Develop a marketing and awareness campaign (in conjunction with communications team)
  2. Monitor the campaign results and adjust the plan accordingly
  3. Set up customer engagement and feedback mechanisms to inform ongoing improvements
  4. Carry out the assurance processes tailored appropriately for Accelerate and agreed with the sponsor, following the all-of-government assurance guidelines provided on ICT projects and programmes available at www.ict.govt.nz (search for “project assurance”).
  5. Review and adjust the business case and product roadmap in light of learnings from Beta and the results of customer acquisition and benefits realisation progress.

Responsibilities of supporting teams

Actions that rely on supporting teams, such as IT service management and security performance monitoring include:

  1. Gather anecdotal feedback from participants (customers, users, partners)
  2. Enhance the initial technical and operational capability supporting the product release according to increased usage
  3. Implement security monitoring, application performance reporting, web clickstream analysis and business process performance reporting
  4. Implement benefits realisation actions.



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