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Phase 1: Prepare

Introduction to Prepare

This section "Phase 1: Prepare" is part of the Accelerate framework document, available as Word or PDF on the Accelerate downloads page.

The stages in Prepare are:


The purpose of Prepare is to:

  • test the problem or opportunity to see if it is worth investigating further.

Prepare is not…

Prepare does not require an exhaustive analysis; it is not needed or suitable at this point. Remember – perfection is the enemy of progress.

Prepare does NOT involve estimating or asking for approval for the whole project, just determining whether it is worth the investment of a small team to investigate the problem and design further.


The actions carried out during this stage may include:

  1. Clearly identify the opportunity, considering the views of the customers and stakeholders, and their interactions with each other.
  2. Engage stakeholders (to form the coalition of the willing).
  3. Choose the most appropriate lead agency (they will be the service provider).
  4. Identify a sponsor for the change.
  5. Carry out the assurance processes tailored appropriately for Accelerate and agreed with the sponsor, following the all-of-government guidelines provided on ICT projects and programmes available at www.ict.govt.nz (search for "project assurance").
  6. Develop a concept brief.
  7. Prepare a funding request for Discover.
  8. Present the concept brief and business case A3 summary to get a decision on whether to proceed.
  9. If going ahead, set up the team for Discover, including their physical and virtual working spaces.


The outputs from this stage include:

  • an agreement (or not) to proceed to Discover (based on the funding case and concept brief).

If the project proceeds, arrange:

  • a project space – a dedicated area to organise and display project materials, work, and for the Discover team to meet
  • access to the collaboration and information tools needed for the project. This is useful for any team members that work from separate locations.

For examples and templates that can be used to produce the output, please contact the Accelerate support team at accelerate@dia.govt.nz.


Tools that may be helpful during this stage include:

  • project collaboration tools.

For more information on this tool, please contact the Accelerate support team at accelerate@dia.govt.nz.

Roles for Prepare

Prepare involves a small number of people (typically 3-7) who form an ad-hoc team for 4-6 weeks to explore the proposed plan of action, develop the concept brief, and the business case A3 summary. For a small business-as-usual project, Prepare may be as short as 2-3 weeks.

The team typically involves a project lead, an enterprise architect, a business analyst, a service designer and business subject matter experts.

Contact your Accelerate navigator in the GCIO’s team to discuss your team for Prepare.

Possible roles during prepare

Figure: Possible roles during Prepare



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