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AoG Working Data Model

This page covers the AoG data models developed in collaboration with the MBIE Business Connect Project. Please use GEA@dia.govt.nz to provide any comments and feedback to the Government Enterprise Architecture team on these models. This page will be updated as the models are refined.

The models have been developed using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect v13. A zipped project file is included here:

  • Business Connect Published Draft Models as at 2018-05-30
    This is a zipped Sparx Systems EA project (EAP) file. Security is not enabled so no username or password is required to open it. Save it to a local drive on your computer before unzipping the file. Note the EAP file can only be opened by Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. A free trial edition of this software is available from Sparx Systems.

The Subject Areas

An overview of the subject areas follows. Detailed descriptions of the Areas and the Relationships follow the diagrams.

  • Government  is the originator of Legislation and  the Business Event definitions which include “Permissions”
  • Party is the generic term for Persons and Organisations
  • Contacts is the data required to contact Parties
  • Identity carries all of the identification data for a Party
  • Party Roles are the Roles assumed by a Person or Organisation
  • Data and Docs are the data items and documents originating from a Party or Location
  • Locations are places (addresses) or physical areas
  • Delegations – Basis covers the basic agreements and authorities for a delegation
  • Delegations – Organisation covers the delegations provided by an organisation
  • Delegations – Party covers the actual delegations held by a Party
  • Facility Permission defines a Permission which is associated with a Location and this typically originates from Government Legislation
  • Provider Permission defines Permissions which Providers provide as a Service. These are based a Government defined Permission. Providers have individual variations in the data, documents and rules they require to grant a Permission.
  • Providers, typically Agencies, provide Services
  • Provider Services detail the Services that Providers provide
  • Provider Service Request is a request from a Customer for a Provider Service
  • Permission Request is a specific form of Service Request being that for a Permission to be granted

Form Management is a generalised handler of paper form matching to service required data and the production of “paper” forms from the supplied data. 

The models

Pictures of the models follow, with a link to an A3 PDF of each model.


Party is the generic term for Persons and Organisations. The party model focuses on the relationships between the entities associated with party.

Picture of the party model

Link to a PDF of the Party model diagram


The delegations model focuses on the agreements and authorities that support delegations provided and held by parties.

Picture of the Delegations model

Link to a PDF of the Delegations model diagram

Data Use

The focus of the data use model is the access and use of a parties data subject to delegations and permissions.

Picture of the data use model

Link to a PDF of the Data Use model diagram

Providers and Services

The providers and services models focus is on a party with the role of provider and the services they provide.

Picture of the providers and services model

Link to a PDF of the Providers and Services model diagram

Service Requests and Permissions

The service requests and permissions models focus is service requests from a customer, and specifically the related permissions.

Picture of the service requests and permissions model

Link to a PDF of the service requests and permissions model diagram


Page last updated: 01/06/2018