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Government Business Capability Model

Business Capability is a management concept for understanding what an organisation needs to deliver its business strategy and achieve its outcomes. Business capabilities encompass people (competencies), processes, information, and technology.

The GEA-NZ Government Business Capability Model has been developed to give agencies a head start when developing their business capability models to enable capability based planning, capability based management, as well as capability maturity assessments. A business capability model provides a link between an agencies strategy and outcomes, encompassing; its people (competencies), processes, information, and technology. it is recognised as a key enterprise architectural tool and technique for working with business stakeholders to deliver system transformation. The advantage is that is abstracts the complexity and detail to something specific and easily understood by all.  

It provides a head start by providing a set of enterprise capabilities that are common to almost all organisations, and a set of generic government capabilities that are common to many NZ government organisations.  This is intended to allow agencies to focus on what is unique to their agency, or sector.

A diagram of The Government Business Capability Model

The Government Business Capability Model

The enterprise and generic capabilities have been mapped to the GEA-NZ Reference Taxonomies and this mapping is available upon request to GEA@dia.govt.nz

Related material

The Open Group has a freely available white paper that describes the Capability-Based Planning (CBP) method as a solution for the alignment between business strategy and Enterprise Architecture. The Open Group Capability-Based Planning White Paper Link

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