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Data Investment Framework

The Data Investment Framework represents a significant shift in how decisions on data investment and activity are made. The system view provided by the Framework enables government to prioritise investment and activity based on agreed system gaps and areas requiring priority attention, while still enabling agencies to improve their services to customers. The Framework provides a view of foundational, enabling, and value-add gaps and needs of a scalable and sustainable data system. It builds upon the Government ICT Strategy 2015 and will support the delivery of Better Public Service Results Areas through increased support for data sharing.

Data Investment Framework

Using the Data Investment Framework when developing data and analytics budget bids

The Data Investment Framework should be used when developing budget bids seeking investment in data, information, or analytics. Bids are required to demonstrate how they will deliver to one or more of the Framework’s six focus areas (that reflect where work and/or investment are required to address the critical system gaps and develop an enabling data system):

1. Apply data analytics to shape service delivery and provide actionable information to the front line 
  • Enables tailored services to deliver improved outcomes
  • Supports better investment decisions and efficiency gains
2. Federated data approach
  • Promotes data quality and timeliness
  • Enables efficient, safe sharing
  • Enables data to be used where it is needed
3. Customer-centric data management 
  • Enables the joining up of services and supports an outcome based approach
  • Promotes data quality and interoperability
4. Easy to find and safe access to open and protected data  
  • Increases the awareness, and use of data
  • Provides easy and consistent access
5. Environment to actively support data sharing 
  • Promotes a culture that understands the value of data
  • Maintains trust and confidence through understanding of social license
  • Supports agencies to share and use data regularly, safely and appropriately
6. Leadership, coordination, and support 
  • Provides a common set of priorities, and the leadership and coordination to deliver them
  • Promotes collaborative partnerships and joined up or shared approaches


In addition to demonstrating how the initiative delivers to one (or more) of the Framework’s focus areas, the Framework can be used to prompt agencies to consider how their bid provides a win to the system, and connects with other initiatives. 

Delivering a ‘system win’ is defined as:  

  • having a multiplier effect for positive change elsewhere in the system,
  • being scalable to support industrialisation of the system and flexible enough to adapt to future needs, and
  • enhancing the long term sustainability of the system.  


The Information Group’s Development Team are available to provide advice on the application of the Data Investment Framework, and can organise agency attendance at Information Group meetings.

Contact: Carol Stevenson  +64 4 931 4113 carol.stevenson@stats.govt.nz

Page last updated: 02/12/2016