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NZ Government Customer Information Quality (CIQ) Profiles

The OASIS Customer Information Quality (CIQ) Standard is an international standard for customer information interchange quality. It includes personal and organisational names, addresses, party attributes and party roles and relationships. The profiles of the OASIS Customer Information Quality Standard (CIQ v3) provide a New Zealand Government definition of the use of OASIS CIQ for data exchanges.

OASIS CIQ deals specifically with data exchange of customer information by providing a set of predefined XML Schemas for data exchange structures. The data scope of OASIS CIQ includes personal and organisational names, addresses, party attributes and party roles and relationships. A common data scope and structure and exchange encoding format are a foundation for data exchanges between Government Agencies. Standardardisation of data exchanges for these core elements of data has significant potential for increasing interoperability and reducing implementation cost and complexity. OASIS CIQ is not a data storage standard and the profiles look exclusively at data exchange requirements.

The purpose of developing a New Zealand Profiles of the OASIS CIQ Standard is to remove the inherent ambiguity in the CIQ standard for New Zealand Government implementations of the standard. The base OASIS CIQ Standard is an international standard that accommodates a broad range of international requirements and therefore is capable of handling many international name, address or other party related formats. To do this the standard has to be relatively loose and extensible. For example, the standard is capable of accommodation any variety of international address formats from, at the most rudimentry form, a single composite string, through to a fully defined and complex multipart structure. However, the base standard provides no guidance on what choices should be applied in this large range of options. Therefore it is possible, without additional guidance or definition, to use the OASIS CIQ standard and still be creating different and incompatible data exchanges (all of which comply to the standard). Is relatively simple for two parties to define and agreed a CIQ implementation format for a single unique exchange, however this then becomes complex and inefficient for a community of users that include numerous unique variants of the standard. Successful and efficient implementation of OASIS CIQ for a community (in our case NZ government agencies) therefore requires the community to agree rules for CIQ use and the development of a standards profiles does just that. The NZ Government OASIS CIQ profiles provide community rules and guidance.

The New Zealand Government CIQ Profile will increase interoperability and reduce the complexity and cost for agencies implementing OASIS CIQ based data exchange services.

The New Zealand Government OASIS CIQ Profiles provide guidance and rules for the use the standard OASIS CIQ schemas for the exchange of;

  • Personal (individual and joint names) and Non-Personal Names (organisations, objects)
  • Addresses
  • Party Roles and Relationships

A significant number of New Zealand Government Agencies from a broad range of sectors have participated in the development of the CIQ Profiles.

The New Zealand OASIS CIQ profiles are managed by Government Enterprise Architecture, Department of Internal Affairs on behalf of the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO). Email GEA@dia.govt.nz to contact Government Enterprise Architecture.

Page last updated: 31/01/2018