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Web standards

In 2003, Cabinet directed all Public Service departments and Non-Public Service departments in the State Services to implement the New Zealand Government Web Standards (then called the Web Guidelines) [CAB Min (03) 41/2B]. Agencies in the wider State services and local government are invited to apply the Web Standards as well. Cabinet also agreed that the Web Standards could be updated regularly to reflect changing technology.

Effective 01 July 2013, there are two web standards that Government organisations need to meet, the Web Accessibility Standard and the Web Usability Standard.

The Web Accessibility Standard focuses on improving Government website accessibility for people with disabilities. Accessible websites also benefit users without disabilities, as well those using a variety of technologies to access the web. This helps the New Zealand Government to meet its obligations under the Human Rights Act 1993, and directly supports the development of accessible digital services.

The Web Usability Standard contains a number of non-accessibility related requirements, e.g. contact information, copyright and privacy statements, links to non-HTML documents, and printable web pages. 

For more details about each of the Standards, see About the Web Accessibility Standard and About the Web Usability Standard on the Web Toolkit website. For additional help and examples, see the Guidance.

Contact the Web Standards team for more information.

Page last updated: 31/01/2018