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New ICT Security and Related Services Panel

From 16 October 2017, government agencies will be able to secure services from the new ICT Security and Related Services (SRS) Panel to help them manage privacy and security issues effectively.

The new SRS Panel has 40 service providers across five service categories. It replaces and enhances the previous SRS Panel.

DIA General Manager Chris Webb says “Agencies today are operating in a security conscious environment. The new Panel gives agencies greater flexibility in engaging with the security service provider community to help agencies better understand and reduce their risk profile.”

The new SRS Panel comes with additional benefits, including:

  • A new online portal of suppliers, replacing the traditional paper-based service catalogue
  • Flexibility to complete an assignment spanning multiple service categories using services offered by one service provider
  • Improved supplier-to-Lead Agency reporting

More information can be found on the ICT SRS Panel page

Page last updated: 16/10/2017