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Phishing alert

We have been made aware of a phishing scam about the Government ICT Strategy 2015, with suspicious links in the body and footer of the email. The email had no subject line and came from a Gmail address:

Photo of phishing email about-Govt ICT Strategy (click on image for larger versi

(Click on image for larger version)

We would like to emphasise that this email was not sent by the GCIO.

If you have received this email, we strongly urge you to immediately delete it without clicking any links.

Report scams to the Department of Internal Affairs

If you receive suspicious emails, forward the scam email or send a description of the online scam to scam@reportspam.co.nz along with any other information that may be useful.

The Department of Internal Affairs has information on reporting scams and spam – go to the DIA Scam webpage

For any questions please contact the GCIO – gcio@dia.govt.nz


Page last updated: 02/02/2017