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What is RealMe

RealMe does three things:

  1. Enables customers to access a range of services with a single username and password
  2. Enables customers to prove who they are online.  You can verify your identity so organisations know who you are, without being there in person with documentation. You can safely share verified information about yourself, so there's less need to keep giving agencies the same information. 
  3. Supports seamless services for customers across government.  RealMe helps make integrated digital services possible, supporting a more consistent, convenient experience for customers.

RealMe helps make the online channel something that we can trust and feel confident in. It's a secure and privacy protected way for New Zealanders to access online services, and assert personal information about themselves online.  This means that you can do more with government online, more easily.

You can apply for a student loan with Studylink, renew your passport with Internal Affairs (DIA), or open a bank account. You can do this all on different websites with the same username and password. With your verified identity you can order official documents online, like birth certificates.

RealMe addresses three parts of service delivery – security, identity and privacy.

Users of RealMe

Use of RealMe is growing:

  • 2.6 million unique logins 
  • Approximately 44,000 new logins created monthly
  • Approximately 7,000 verified identities created monthly
  • 75 services across 26 agencies use RealMe login
  • Eight organisations use verified identities. DIA Births, Deaths, and Marriages; DIA first time adult passports; Children’s Action Plan; Electoral Commission; MSD Studylink; Marriage Celebrants; BNZ Bank; OM Financial and Secured Signing. 

RealMe helps New Zealanders to:

  • do business with government online when it's convenient for you, without having to remember several logins 
  • trust the online channel, knowing your privacy is protected and your information is secure
  • be in control of your online identity and personal information. Decide who to share it with.

RealMe helps organisations to:

  • have confidence in customers’ information so they can deliver more services online
  • deliver better - more convenient, trusted and secure - online services for customers.

NZ Post

RealMe is a partnership between DIA and NZ Post. When you set up your verified identity, you get your photo taken at a NZ Post shop. Then DIA check your ID and photo against existing records.

DIA priorities for RealMe

  • Increase the organisations using RealMe so it’s more useful for customers
  • Increase the number of customers who take the next step beyond a login and verify their identity
  • Develop the RealMe product further, with customer involvement, design and testing.

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