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Open and Transparent Government

New Zealand has a strong history of open and transparent government that is internationally recognised. One of the pillars of open and transparent government is open government data and information.

Evidence suggests that opening up this information for re-use has considerable and widespread benefits to government, industry and the public. At the same time, technological and cultural advances also make it cheaper and easier to re-use this data and information.

The Open Government Data Chief Executives Governance Group and the Open Government Data Steering Group are leading the Open Government Information and Data Work Programme which focuses on this pillar of open and transparent government. It is a collaborative programme with users, the open data community, civil society, and suppliers, and is providing guidance and advice to support agencies to manage and release their data and information for re-use. The Open Government Data and Information Working Group contributes to this work. We use the opennz wiki for discussion on the programme and policies.

In August 2011 Government released the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government in New Zealand which commits the Government to actively release high value public data. Read the joint announcement by the Minister of Finance and Minister of Internal Affairs here. Read the full Declaration here.

It also released the New Zealand Data and Information Management Principles.They state that data and information must be open, trusted and authoritative, well managed, readily available, without charge where possible and re-usable. Personal and classified information must be protected. Read the Principles here.

Read the Cabinet Paper and Cabinet Minute here.

For further information, email opendata@linz.govt.nz


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