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What we are doing

In May 2016, Cabinet endorsed the integrated programme of work to support delivery of the Government ICT Strategy

Diagram showing the Integrated Programme of Work, as detailed over the following

Download a PDF version of this diagram (PDF, 3.5MB)

This integrated programme of work is a combination of the highest priority ICT change initiatives that will provide the greatest contribution to the outcomes of the Strategy. It has been developed collaboratively by the GCIO’s Partnership Framework and senior leaders across government and is designed to be dynamic, and to be updated and reprioritised periodically, as the need arises. This flexible programme of work replaces the need for the Government ICT Action Plan, which has now been archived. Actions from the previous plan have been completed or transitioned into the new programme, which covers the following focus areas: 

DIA, in its role supporting the GCIO, is working with a number of agencies to deliver the initiatives in the integrated programme of work.

Key Documents


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