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Information – driving insights that reshape services and add value

Diagram showing how the focus for information is to drive insights that reshape

There is significant opportunity for government to increase use of information to drive operational change, target service delivery and interventions, shape policy development and enable private sector innovation. 

The focus of Information is on:

  • Building and enabling data environment and policy settings – updating the Privacy Act, ensuring the privacy and security of information, and facilitating a public conversation on the value and acceptable use of data
  • Standards to enable sharing of data – developing common information and data standards to enable the sharing and integration of data across agencies
  • Data analysis to inform decision-making – developing infrastructure and capability to produce new insights to improve government services and to inform government policy and investment
  • Releasing information into the public arena – accelerating the release of government held information into the public arena, and enabling businesses and communities to access and use this information.

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Page last updated: 30/06/2016