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How we are doing (April to September 2016)

The GCIO regularly reports on the progress of the Government’s ICT Strategy.

The latest update covers April to September 2016 and progress on the Integrated Programme of Work to deliver the Strategy. It comprises a Cabinet paper and two dashboards (tabled 7 December 2016).


Progress and achievements

  • Over the past year, the GCIO has reset the Government ICT Strategy and developed the Integrated Programme of Work to support it. 
  • Work is on track to achieve the target for 70 percent of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with government being completed in a digital environment by 2017. 
  • $77m per annum of sustainable business savings achieved, against the target of $100m by 2017.
  • New Zealand continues to be recognised as one of the most digitally-advanced governments in the world. 
  • The government has been established as ‘one customer’ for technology contracts, improving efficiency in doing business with key suppliers.
  • Consumption of ICT common capabilities is strong with 86 percent of mandated agencies consuming one or more services. 
  • The GCIO Assurance Services Panel was established and embedding of agency ICT assurance plans is underway.


Figure 1: An overview of performance of each of the five focus areas of the Government ICT Strategy, along with strategic benefit measures.


Figure 2: A summary of the status of initiatives within the dynamic Integrated Programme of Work.

Key documents

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